Things we learned


Iroh is a badass, but Ben never looks past his first three cards so he doesn’t think to use his awesome powers. You can now blame Ben for the party almost dying. Plus side: yolo.
The party will sing in exchange for being able to cheat. Plus side: It was awesome.

Dan figured out that he doesn’t need athletics because TS can just turn into an OP animal that can do anything in skill challenges. This is already a plus, cleverness and creativity are welcome.
Kate’s character was so lacking in athleticism that god had to intervene and bend the rules of physics so that she could be pulled up a cliff using two ropes and a bedroll. Plus side: …divine intervention means god cares about your success?
Give Shane an awesome character, and he will waste his potential by rolling poorly. Plus side: Doesn’t matter because the best part of Baloo was the song that accompanied his entry – Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell.
Alex fails at pre-planned conversations – Dan fails harder though. Plus side: …I now know I can help them with their shortcomings by giving them a cue card next time?
Tyler’s character can [probably] do back-flips in his sleep. This can only be a good thing.


Gnomes laugh like geese.
Ben is talented at giggling like a gnome. He also liked saying that he was ‘dazed for days’.
Kate is more radiant than you.
Dan is not Sparkle. Also, pretty sure he implied he was going to sing a Disney song for us one day.
What Tyler’s character lacks in perception, he makes up for with bad rolls.
Alex thinks “calling” someone’s hit is basically the same as an assist to their attack roll.
Shane is the guy who spoils a storyline by describing a plot point in a story and asking you if you’ve reached it before you have.


Twilight Sparkle’s appeal (as a character name) does in fact double when played by two people. (or merely increases depending on who you ask)
When you challenge god, god challenges you back.
Dan solved the ‘secret’ riddle, so he’s probably a secretive person.
Shane likes to crouch on a couch when giving a flavor description, because it helps him creatively? (it works though!)
Kate is still pretty baller at improvising descriptions
Tyler not only likes to drink blood, but also doesn’t mind other people trying to drink his (or something like that)
Ben is still pretty #yolo about daily powers
Alex can tell when a character might be at 1 hp, though he forgets which one specifically shortly after


When Joel disappears without telling anyone, dying happens.


Ben is grumpy about not getting gems, and Iroh tried stealing from Samurai Jack but failed.
Iroh failed because Samurai Jack is fast like a peregrine falcon.
Also, Ben used his daily right after an extended rest on his first turn on the flimsiest enemies in battle. #yolo
Alex is as greedy as they come.
Wonder Woman has a temper not only with enemies, but with party members as well. Specifically, Iroh and Samurai Jack are twats and she tried to intimidate them but they didn’t even notice because kids will be kids.
They also trolled her and others by locking them in a tomb room by throwing down a pillar in front of the door somehow, and the locked members had to roll athletics checks to jump over it lol.
Tyler is probably a vampire because he go-to solution was to drink blood out of a blood pool, and even though he was right to do so, it’s still probably true.
Also, Kirito doesn’t have a lot of healing surges, which sucks because evil monsters took most of his away.



If you are absent, your party members will literally put you in a corner and not care about your character until it’s almost dead. In addition, your miniature will default to the rolling wave of flesh.
Michelle needs to be faster and smoother with role play description ideas
Zombies stink, a lot


Joel thinks Wildens are basically ponies and his character’s transformations will be described as some version of Twilight Sparkle. He also taught us that prancing for ponies is their version of pouncing.
Tyler can make his character jump high so why not have it jump on pillars?
Kate is so amped for D&D that she comes early just to fluster me (totally giving you a hard time btw, I don’t actually mind people arriving early, lol)
Alex pretends but he doesn’t actually like Game of Thrones :P


Magma Runners are also known as baby satanists
Ben’s face is OP
Joel thinks his character would not be accurately represented by a mindless rolling wave of flesh (that’s what thing was, lol)
Tyler is the official trap disabler
Alex thinks puzzles are hard
Kate only has one power in her deck but it works


Ben wins at flavor text reading because of that voice.
Kate wins at improvising descriptions because she has an awesome imagination.
Alex wants a mural of god delivering babies of all kinds.
Joel can’t roll for initiative to save his life.
Tyler is an Eladrin so he’s pretty and cheers on his party.

Things we learned

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