Shane - Elf Druid, Controller


Shino and Hobbes are members of the White Lotus clan, a group of people who have charged themselves with protecting the people within this world from the dangers without. They have known for some time that there is a great evil coming to this world, and the only thing that can prevent it is acquiring the Mairead.

Shino’s family was brutally murdered by cult followers of the Blood of Vol when he was at an early age so he was forced to learn to fend for himself quickly. Constantly Shino was hounded by these evil beings until he chanced upon a grove of elf druids in the High Forest of the Feywild. Showing great aptitude for controlling the forces of nature, the druid masters decided to take him in and teach him their ways. He was a natural in the art of mass control of swarms of insects and the creatures of the forests would test him time and time again. For years Shino travelled with these druids knowing peace from his pursuers for once in his life, however, desire for revenge for what was done to his family never left his thoughts and he dreamed of the faces of the men and monsters that were responsible. For once in his life feeling he has the strength he needs to accomplish his mission, Shino begins looking for any hints or clues linked to one of the dead men walking. Shino finally hears word of item named the Mairead that may be linked to the cultists’ pursuits and joined the White Lotus Clan in an effort to destroy it.


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