Dan - Wilden Shaman, Leader


Hobbes and Shino are members of the White Lotus clan, a group of people who have charged themselves with protecting the people within this world from the dangers without. They have known for some time that there is a great evil coming to this world, and the only thing that can prevent it is acquiring the Mairead.

Also, Hobbes is Twilight Sparkle’s older brother.

We were brought from the earth to protect this place. We know the Dreaming Dark has grown stronger and its inhabitants wish to bring an end to all that is good. We have known this since we were young and have trained our entire lives to fulfill our destiny to defend against the Dreaming Dark. We have become a Shaman with many powerful spells to heal our allies and bring an end to those who would bring evil to this world. We also have a spirit companion who can be called into battle and provide aide to our allies. We have fought enemies of this organization before as has our sister who seems to have found you on an adventure as well.

We had a human friend by the name of Calvin, whose mind was corrupted by the Inspired (agents of the Dreaming Dark). He was killed in one of the missions he was manipulated into being a part of. This fueled our fire to defeat this group of foes.

Some years ago we discovered others who knew of the coming darkness and had joined together to fight it. Since we are new to this world and are curious to meet other races and make new friends we joined the White Lotus clan hoping to accompany its members on adventures to stop the Dreaming Dark and other evil organizations.

It seems fate has brought us together now that we seek new foes from the Dreaming Dark to end before they can wreak havoc. We are called Hobbes and would be honored if you would accept our aide in your adventure.


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