The Road of Yellow Brick

The blood of my enemies slakes my thirst

Kirito was a vampire in a past life

The middle of the room had a blood pool with goblin words around it that said “The blood of my enemies slakes my thirst and that of my servants and sword siblings, now and for all time.” Only Kirito intuited that drinking the blood would work in their favor (they would be able to ignore the effects of the blood mist that spread further every round), though in the end it didn’t matter because everyone just avoided being around the blood mist anyways. Three tombs opened up, the party fought zombies that screamed loudly and painfully. They would also steal healing surges, which was particularly painful for Kirito because he doesn’t have many. Also, Iroh spent a daily on his first turn against a minion.

Afterwards, Iroh tried to steal Samurai Jack’s gems because he was bitter about not getting gems from the last encounter. He was unsuccessful, and when Wonder Woman complained about their wasteful greed and arguing, both trolled her and the others by blocking their exit from one of the tombs with a fallen pillar. They had to get out by jumping over it.

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