The Road of Yellow Brick

The party almost died
That's all anyone will remember, really

Boss battle that almost killed everyone (the session ended without a conclusion). By the end everyone was dying except for Iroh. Fought a bunch of zombies that were pretty mean when flanking. Wonder Woman spent most of the encounter dying in a corner that was too far for anyone to go and try to heal her.

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The blood of my enemies slakes my thirst
Kirito was a vampire in a past life

The middle of the room had a blood pool with goblin words around it that said “The blood of my enemies slakes my thirst and that of my servants and sword siblings, now and for all time.” Only Kirito intuited that drinking the blood would work in their favor (they would be able to ignore the effects of the blood mist that spread further every round), though in the end it didn’t matter because everyone just avoided being around the blood mist anyways. Three tombs opened up, the party fought zombies that screamed loudly and painfully. They would also steal healing surges, which was particularly painful for Kirito because he doesn’t have many. Also, Iroh spent a daily on his first turn against a minion.

Afterwards, Iroh tried to steal Samurai Jack’s gems because he was bitter about not getting gems from the last encounter. He was unsuccessful, and when Wonder Woman complained about their wasteful greed and arguing, both trolled her and the others by blocking their exit from one of the tombs with a fallen pillar. They had to get out by jumping over it.

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Zombies stink

The party walked into a room with water falling from the ceiling and fought stinky zombies. Iroh was neglected until he neared death (Ben was absent). Kirito spent a lot of his time mounted on a pillar. Everyone but Iroh got two amethyst gems from the eyes of the four statues.


Tiny place with lots of booby traps
Kirito has tricksy hands for tricksy objects

The party descended into a tiny area tiled with more depressible plates with words. The party urged Kirito to disable a bunch of the blank plates on the border, but in the end they opted for setting off the trap anyway. Some plates gave way to pits, but no one fell in them. Big spikes came from the ceiling but people blasted the spikes until they were no longer a threat. Flying Kruthiks came again but they proved to be a nuisance at best, and Kirito finished disabling other things (he did get some help). They got the staircase-turned-slide on the other side to snap into a staircase again, and they headed towards the door.

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The one with baby satanists and a devil statue
Samurai Jack thought he was Abu from Aladdin

There were plates you could press with words that made sense to no one. Samurai Jack got impatient and took the shiny red gems that the statue had for eyes. Taking the forbidden treasure summoned an imp, fire minions, and baby satanists. They were killed off but no one knows what the plates were about, and Samurai Jack felt no remorse because he got to keep his shiny red gems.

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Looking for Kruthiks
First Encounter

Entered a chamber which appeared to be the entry of an old tomb.

Killed a bunch of Kruthiks
Wonder Woman was ganged up on by them

A bloodstained leather bag was found with: a damaged journal, 11 gp (Darguun mintage), and a potion of healing.

Also found a battle standard of might.

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Features of the Tomb

The walls are carved with geometric patterns and stylized scenes common to Dhakani tombs.

A nameless fear hangs over the tomb, and its shadows reach in unnatural ways. – Minor connection to the Shadowfell

Many rooms are hot because geothermal energy from the lake of fire under Sharn powers some of the tomb’s functions.


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